12 Coolest May the Fourth be With You Shirts

A lot of people are mad about Star Wars. Enough to know that May 4 is May the Fourth, aka Star Wars Day. It’s the duty of those who know to put on a May the 4th be with you shirt and educate the unaware populace about the most important day of the year.

The Classic Shirt

May the Fourth be With You Shirt

More or less, like the Movie Logo and font. Perfect to remind people of what day it is. You can get it on Amazon

The Cute Darth Vader Shirt

Cute Darth Vader Shirt

Darth Vader is freakin’ adorable on this T-Shirt, which comes in all sizes for men, women and the promising youths of our Galaxy. It’s available on Amazon

The Symbolic Shirt

May the 4th be with you shirt

This one is special. Not just the “May the 4th…” writing to let everyone know what day it is. But the Millenium Falcon, Boba Fett and one thing that isn’t a moon also showing up. Get it on Amazon

The Angry Vader Shirt

Angry Vader Shirt

Cute Vader is nice (see above), but an angry one is much better. Get the angry version here

The Stormtrooper Typography Shirt

The Stormtrooper Typography

If you love Typography (who doesn’t?!), this is for you. If you love Stormtroopers (some people don’t, sadly), this is the shirt for you too. tl;dr – get it and be happy

The Serious Yoda Shirt

Yoda May the Fourth be With You Shirt

Yoda is always serious. So much sadness. So much introspection. It sucks being a Jedi, although the shirt is pretty sweet looking. If you wanna show off with it while doing your Yoda accent, you know the drill by now.

The Cute Yoda Shirt

Cute Yoda May the Fourth Shirt

A green Jedi Master isn’t always going to be angry. The artist doing this portrait caught him in a good mood for once. Better not let this rare occasion go to waste, and get it while you still can.

The Lightsaber Shirt

Children's May the 4th be with you

Lightsabers are the obviously-cool thing about Star Wars, and kids love obviously-cool things. Make yours happy by getting him/her this shirt.

The AT-AT Shirt

AT-AT may the 4th shirt

Something a bit different. Because it’s an AT-AT, but also because it’s a shirt with a question on it, instead of a statement. But the Pew Pew is what really makes it a must-have shirt.

The Baby Onesie Shirt

Baby Onesie May the Fourth be With You

Babies deserve to celebrate May the Fourth day too. And Yoda kinda looks like a baby too. Get it here

The Millennium Falcon Shirt

Millennium Falcon May the 4th be with you shirt

Hehe. The Millennium Falcon is actually the 4!!! Get it here, and wonder the world with this illusion.

The BB-8 Shirt

BB-8 Women's Shirt

Are droids male, female or a-sexual? That’s a debate for a different post. One thing is certain: This BB-8 May the 4th shirt is designed for women. But if you’re a guy and you buy it, I guess you can still wear it.

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