Angry Birds to Invade Facebook

If you thought the craze about Angry Birds was declining and that you could heave a sigh of relief, think again. Rovio, the Finnish company behind Angry Birds is planning to bring it to Facebook on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day.

The blockbuster title would be announced in the capital of Facebook, Jakarta. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia is known as the capital of Facebook as it has a whopping 17 million registered members, the largest number for any city in the world. Rovio would also be extending its Angry Bird Franchise across Asia and is planning to make the game available on non-smartphones and smart TVs, thanks to partnerships with Samsung and Nokia.

While all that doesn’t matter much, what is particularly important is that Angry Birds would soon arrive on Facebook and your friends who annoyed you all this while talking about Angry Birds and pigs would now be able to do so right on your wall and it may even appear in your timeline, unless you choose to hide the application eventually. Rovio plans to make the game available on every platform possible and this tsunami of Angry Birds will annihilate every non-fan on this planet.

Meanwhile, Angry Birds fans would be pleased to learn that Rovio may offer “every screen” for Angry Birds, which means that fans would be able to experience fully synchronized gameplay. This would allow players to start and resume their playing sessions across all the devices that they may use, including the browser. If you are an Angry Birds fan, you will enjoy the Angry Birds Superhero Mashups that we write about sometime back. The Angry Birds Nails are a great fashion statement, if you want to tell the world that you are a geek. If you are not an Angry Birds fan, the future does not look very bright for you.