Pixel Angry Birds Hark Back to the Beginnings of Gaming

Reniel Guiao is a Filipino Graphic Designer who has created pixelated Angry Bird characters. They almost look like video game characters from the days of 8-bit games.

These pixel Angry Birds look less angry and less annoying than the real ones that we have come to encounter every day at work, school and even at home. Angry Birds is no more a fad and it is clearly becoming the next big thing after games like Super Mario and Tetris. While many of us find it mortally annoying when people start talking about Angry Birds, and even begin to play right in front of you when you are talking to them about something else, we need to admit that some of us may overreact to certain games.

If you prefer the 8-bit games over modern and addictive games like Angry Birds, you are not alone. These pixelated images stand as proof to the growing number of people who feel the old fashioned video games were somehow more convincing of a virtual reality than HD characters that look close to life. Pixelated images have their own charm, and this charm is mostly related to the nostalgia that we feel towards games that we played as kids. Perhaps these images will help many people get over their aversion towards Angry Birds, which is now set to become omnipresent.

Yesterday, I wrote that Angry Birds on Facebook was an eventuality and that it would be announced on Valentine’s Day. The idea of your friends sending you Angry Birds request on your already-annoying Facebook timeline can be downright frustrating. Perhaps the only way that you can comfort yourself is by looking at these pixelated Angry Birds characters that look almost removed from the last couple of decades and transplanted into the 1980s or even 1970s. If you however love Angry Birds, you can paint your nails with Angry Birds Designs.