Darth Vader and C3PO Controller Necklaces

The 1980s brought on the advent of a new class of geek: the “Star Wars” and video game geeks. This neat necklace puts the two into one very sleek accessory.

Darth Vader C3PO pendants

If “Star Wars” could get any geekier, bRainbowshop has somehow done it. The pendants are in the shape of C-3PO and Darth Vader with their faces engraved as classic game controllers: C-3PO is a classic SNES and Darth Vader looks to be an N64 controller, though the third button should be right above the analog and I’m guessing that the other circle is supposed to be for the 4 C buttons and not another analog. The design of the controller itself, however, looks more similar to a PS2 than N64, though that would take away from the 80s throwback idea. Still, even with a bit of a tweak, the mashup works quite well and stays mostly true to the iconic image of the two characters and controllers.

C3PO pendant

Darth Vader pendant

The pendants are made of alder wood and laser cut for precision. They come with a basic brass colored ball chain that measures 60 cm (roughly 23.6 in). The simplicity of the design and necklace make this great for men and women who are looking for a nice everyday accessory. The set of two costs $39 on Etsy.

While the design itself is simple, the one problem with this necklace is its size. Darth Vader measures 5cm x 4.5 cm (roughly 2 in x 1.8 in) and C-3PO measures 3.7 cm x 5 cm (roughly 1.5 in x 2 in). It would be nicer if the pendants were a little smaller, making it less obvious and even more subtle to observers. It wouldn’t be until they actually did a double take that they would be able to truly appreciate the genius of these pendants.

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