Coldplay Stole from Super Mario Bros!

It seems there is another accusation coming at Coldplay for stealing music, and it is for the same song, but this time it is from the Super Mario Bros theme.

Back in 2008, there was huge story about Coldplay allegedly copying from Joe Satriani’s song “If I Could Fly” for their own track “Viva La Vida”. Well, the lawsuit was settled sometime in 2009, but it seems a new accusation has released a comparison between Coldplay’s song and the classic Super Mario Theme. Which one came first is easy to decide, but does the accusation even make sense? You be the judge.

coldplay super mario bros

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14 thoughts on “Coldplay Stole from Super Mario Bros!

  1. spacepauls.

    this is ridiculous… haha i hear no comparison other than maybe a few similar notes haha. yeah because coldplay were so struck with writers block that they all decided to play supermario and get stoned then they all said “fuck it, lets just rip this song here coz we’re all so stoned”… i dont even think coldplay are even stoners, who knows.

  2. Scott.

    God I don’t know why people waste time with crap like this. It’s blatantly different. Even as you hear it played together it clearly sounds like chaos because the sequence of chords is so dissimilar. Or are we going to accuse artists of plagiarism every time they unwittingly use a similar rhythm as another popular tune at a completely different tempo?

    1. Derp.

      So you’re saying Coldplay was just sitting there hurting for song ideas and were like.. “oh we could slow down the noise from Star Power in Super Mario Bros! Dude, genius!” This video is dumb and I don’t very much like it. Good day, sir.

    2. Andrew.

      No, it is the same song.
      It’s Pachelbel’s Canon.

      Go look up the song ‘Four Chords’ by Axis of Awesome – virtually every pop song written in the last thirty years uses the same four chords; D, A, B, F?, G.

      Coldplay didn’t steal from Mario – a huge number of songs written since 1919 (It was written in the 1700s, but took off in the early 20th century) has used these EXACT same chords at slightly different speeds.

      1. Andrew.

        Erm… Yeah, I said four and wrote five. Drop the G from the end there.
        And that’s supposed to be an F-sharp, not an F?

  3. Phil.

    I mean I don’t know why this is even being considered. Two chord progression vs. a four chord progression? If I’m not mistaken the invincibility song is Dm9#7, Cmaj7 repeated until there’s a slight change (I usually just remove the sharp 7 and change it to a C chord.) Viva la Vida is F, A, C, Bm. or something. I dunno, it’s a totally different song. That’s a stretch.

  4. Noud Maas.

    Well – there is plagiarism, inspiriation, and there is coincidence. The chord sequence is different – you can hear that the third and fourth chord are absolutely off. Other than that it’s just the rythm that is indeed the same, but some rythms are just used more often.

    1. Flebby.

      All the chords are off actually. There isn’t a single harmony between the two tunes that actually works, no matter what configuration you use.

      That being said, the rhythm isn’t exactly the same either. Viva la Vida is missing one note (the penultimate) from the mario theme, meaning it’s not even the same rhythm, even if it is sped up to the same tempo.

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