The Likability of Angry Birds [Infographic]

This infographic is a comical look at the likability of each Angry Bird neatly summarizes what each character is capable of.

Angry Birds is quite the app phenomenon. I’ve been aware of it ever since my family got an iPad, but I’ve never really immersed myself in the game itself. From what I can see, it is similar to the game known as Dinkybomb, which my cousin and I used to play all the time. There was also a game on my Sony Ericsson w600i which involved shooting rockets against the enemy, but I have absolutely no recollection of what its name was.

The premise of Angry Birds is simple: destroy all the enemy frogs before you run out of birds. The red bird is the only bird available in the earlier levels, but as you progress in the game a wider variety of birds join your arsenal to take on a wider amount of different materials and setups of buildings.



I’m a huge fan of The Oatmeal’s creations, because they all feature a signature font and a similar type of humor that sits well with me. The bluntness of these descriptions are an example of that. I also love the writing style used, and the analogies that the designer makes towards the effectiveness of the birds.

For example, “Like Hunting Bunny Rabbits using a Hydrogen Bomb” elicits quite a vivid (and somewhat cruel) image, and definitely gets the point across. Similarly, “On par with throwing a frisbee into a category 5 Tornado and hoping your dog will catch it” also paints a very concrete image of how useful that unfortunate last bird is.

The beauty of Angry Birds is its touchpad UI, which is a major reason for its popularity on iOS and Android systems. While being ported over to the computer and other gaming consoles, the transition seems to have taken a minor toll on gameplay and critics do complain about the graphics being inappropriate compared to other games on consoles. However, I’ve heard great things about Angry Birds on touch screen, and think you should all give it a try if you have the chance.

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Via: The Oatmeal