Star Wars Nursery: Raise The Cutest Rebels

This is the best way to send the message, right from the crib: “dear son/daughter, someday you’ll be a Padawan, and you’ll make us proud”.

Baby Miles might have the best nursery in the world. His parents are Mark and Robin, Star Wars fan and queen of sewing respectively (she happens to own Jigabug Baby), activities, hobbies and passions which eventually led them to create this incredible set only fit for the baby with the most midichlorians. As they explained, “We wanted our son’s nursery to be something that would have some type of significance and/or meaning but also to be something that wasn’t too cutesy so when I saw something made with vintage Star Wars sheets, I knew I’d found the perfect theme. We’ve spent most of our time together doing things our way (which rarely is the same way as everyone else would do it) so, honestly, none of our friends were surprised or shocked – in fact, they all embraced it fully.”

They are such huge fans that even their baby shower had a Star Wars theme (check their “I Am Your Showwaaah” Flickr set. Say what you will about the decoration, but we can bet these guys will make better parents than Anakin Skywalker.

Via: Apartment Theraphy

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