Halo 4 Legendary Edition Xbox 360 Bundle

When the next Master Chief adventure begins with Halo 4, so will drop a mighty Xbox 360 bundle that’s fit to wear the series brand.

Halo 4 Legendary Edition Xbox 360 bundle Image 1

Legendary is right. A legendary price for a legendary console bundle, although one that hopefully meets the expectations of any Halo faithful, who strangely yet, doesn’t have a Xbox 360… Sure, okay! Officially branded as the Halo 4 Legendary Edition Xbox 360 bundle, and priced at $400 USD, this Halo-themed bundle contains, first and foremost, a blue-translucent 320GB hard drive 360 with adorning Halo-like tattoos.

Reminds me of that one Sega Dreamcast that could only be bought online through Electronics Boutique; it too was blue (a brighter shade, albeit), see-thru, and pretty soft on the eyes. I could say the same for this particular Halo-themed 360, which besides the tech-y paint job, carries other similar motifs: matching blue ring-lights, instead of the standard green, and Halo-specific sounds.

Halo 4 Legendary Edition Xbox 360 bundle Image 2

Those traits carry over to the two – yes two – included 360 wireless controllers (which will also be sold separately, featuring a slightly different design, at $59.99), and helpfully steers us towards what else is being put into this “Legendary” box. Items being, a copy of Halo 4, vouchers for both in-game and Avatar downloadable content, and a headset that is certain to come in handy for multiplayer exploits.

The Legendary Edition bundle should drop at the same time as Halo 4, November 6, so make sure to mark it on your calendars. I mean, if you even have a calendar… Pssh, seriously, what are we in, the Stone Age?! And seeing how it’s not, this also means you can enjoy the fine content here on Walyou, like a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver that’s also a nifty TV remote control or a cute Binary Wedding Cake.