Star Wars Abstract Paint Splatter Portraits

If you have ever visited a shrink’s office, you might have been asked to take a look at cards with inkblots and describe what they look like to you.

Rorschach Inkblot Test is an empirically valid method to explore the dynamics of mind and unravel existing psychopathology.

These cards have a significant impact on mass culture and artists have used them to create conceptual art. French Graphic designer Arian Noveir seems to be inspired by these inkblots on Rorschach cards and has created some of the coolest Star wars abstract paint splatters that I have ever seen.

The portraits include Yoda, C3P0, and Chewbacca. With the help of a basic structure and random paint splattering method, he has created amazing portraits that remind me of Rorschach inkblot cards. It is also possible that Mr. Noveir never thought about Rorschach testing when he created these amazing portraits of Star Wars characters. Star Wars fans would find these portraits immensely beautiful and well rendered.

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