Star Wars Sandtrooper Helmet Precision Cast Replica

Stormtroopers symbolize one of the most famous mighty Imperial forces of Palpatine. The whole galaxy was occupied by bands of troops in different worlds. Be it the spaced vacuum or Hoth, the planet of freezing ice or Tatooine, units and units that were specialized, were trained so as to survive and endure all these sundry climates of the universe. This was all to sustain an autocratic order all the way through the galaxy.

Just before the Battle of Yavin was fought, Lord Darth Vader had dispatched an army of stormtroopers. The sandtroopers were a part of that team of stormtroopers and were sent to investigate a collapsed pod in Tatooine. They were deployed in order to hunt for droids C-3PO and R2-D2. Well now, the sandtroopers are not any much different from the stormtroopers, but just that the former have been trained a little extra in certain particular exclusive fields. Even their armors are almost similar, but the sandtroopers have a cooling system attached to their suits and their helmets. This guards them from the inexorable high temperature. Besides this, they were equipped with grave weapons, endurance devices, and pauldrons at the shoulder in various colors that signified their ranks.

An eighteen piece cocoon shell which is an anti-blaster makes up most part of their armor. They also adorn a body glove that controls temperature over which a coating of material that resists heat is worn. The helmet of the sandtrooper consists of polarized lenses that are automatic, filters for breathing and a comlink that is built-in. Moreover, since the environment is quite hostile, the sandtroopers may not be able to depend on machinery and hence use local creatures to transport from one place to another.

Anyhow, eFX Inc. is bringing out a helmet of the grand and colonial Sandtrooper. This eFX collectible is coming out as a limited edition by the February of 2011, at only 1000 pieces going to be made available worldwide. This helmet has been approved to a replica of the original from the Lucasfilm records. It would be exactly like the one adorned by the Sandtroopers in “The New Hope”, the fourth in Star Wars’ episodes. It is a reproduction at a full degree and is made out of quality ABS. A numbered credential of genuineness accompanies the product. Well, the sandtroopers in the original star wars trilogy, appear to have grey lenses but are actually green and green is the color given to the eyes in the replica helmet. But Lucasfilms have cleared the matter by stating that, the lenses appear grey in the film due to the dark padding in the inner sides of the helmet and also due to the lighting during the shoot. Not to forget, the sand that has been scored all over the helmet is mesmerizing. A shelling of $168.99 is definitely worth it !

This helmet is too attractive for anyone to refuse it, especially on festive occasions. Also check out Jango Fett Replica Helmet, Halo Master Chief Helmet and Stormtrooper Helmet.