An Exceptional Look at Yoshi’s Anatomy

As one of the smaller characters in the Mario universe, I think it’s quite a feat that Yoshi has managed to capture and keep so many hearts of gamers over the years.

Yoshi was chosen by a lot of my friends as their exclusive character in Mario Kart. I’m not exaggerating: on the N64, they would fight over who got Yoshi, and sometimes ended up racing for him. Yoshi is a perfect mixture of cool with cuddliness, which is what sets him apart from the other Mario characters. Apparently, his kart is also one of the fastest in the NDS version of Mario Kart, which explains his continued popularity. 😛

Either way, there are many fan art pieces dedicated to Yoshi. From computer generated graphics to paintings to screenshots, many people can be found inspired by Yoshi.

Yoshi Anatomy Progress

One fan of Yoshi, Jason Freeny, decided to put his own skill to the test and create a Yoshi anatomy. From what the picture shows, half of this Yoshi figure was hollowed out and Freeny put some clay in. Through some delicate and detailed sculpting, he managed to create what looks like an anatomy of Yoshi. This skeleton is complete, from the skull to the teeth, to the ribs and even the fingers.

Yoshi Anatomy

The design of this was pretty out-there, but I like how it’s not really morbid. This can be sometimes difficult to pull off, given that Freeny was looking to create a skeleton. However, because of Yoshi’s naturally cute shape and Freeny’s handiwork, the skeleton looks more funny than scary. The big nose and chubby stomach help to create this effect, making Yoshi more of a friendly dinosaur than a walking skeleton.

I really admire the detail and effort put into crafting the skeleton perfectly. Although the ribs could be hollowed out for an even greater effect, I think that Freeny did a great job with the fingers and the leg bones.

I think that the pose could have been a bit more unique, as I’ve seen many pictures of Yoshi throwing something or with a more active pose. With that said, this stance does work quite well to put off the naturally friendly Yoshi vibe.

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Via: Facebook and J.ME