The Empire Strikes Back Scandinavian Poster

Add the sweet Star Wars touch while decorating your home on a dime.The Empire Strikes Back often gets the short end of the stick. A New Hope was able to bring Star Wars to the world and have it explode in popularity while igniting the legacy of George Lucas. Similarly, Return of the Jedi ties everything together and brings epic action together with one of the most exciting plots.

Certainly, The Empire Strikes Back has many exhilarating scenes. For example, the Battle of Hoth is probably the most electrifying start to any of the films, except perhaps the spacefighter battle in the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. Empire Strikes Back also includes the debut of Yoda, one of my personal favorites of the series. The scene where Yoda lifts the X-wing fighter out of the swamp on Dagobah was quite thrilling, as it was so unexpected.

Star Wars Scandinavian Poster

There are several iconic characters in this poster. The Darth Vader mask first catches your eye, along with the friendly face of Yoda. I wish these were in some various chronological order, but they do fit into the poster frame very nicely. Also noticeable are the AT-AT in the bottom right corner of course, the Han Solo frozen statue, and the cloud city building.

The Empire Strikes Back Scandinavian Poster

The font on the poster is reminiscent of a traditionally-patterned header, and takes up a good third of the top of the poster. This isn’t a bad move, although I would have preferred to see it somewhere in the middle of the poster.

The poster itself is sized 11 inches by 17 inches, and mounted on A3 paper.

The designer seems willing to create multiple variants of different colors, which is definitely a plus. I love when designers go the extra mile and try tailoring their work to each customers tastes to the best of their ability, and while this isn’t an extensive customization, it certainly is welcome.

Similarly, the Etsy artist Handz encourages that you find alternate sizes. I’m sure that this stands within a limitation, although having a poster entirely covering my wall.

If you’re interested, have a look at the poster on Etsy. If you liked this post, have a look at 20 Striking Star Wars Helmets and the Star Wars Occupational Chart.

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