Blast From The Past: The AT-AT Infographic

This AT-AT diagram answers all questions you’ve ever had about how it operated, except one.

I’ve personally always been a huge fan of infographics. I remember one time as a child, I was in Wal-Mart browsing through the Star Wars books (Episode I just came out) and I was gazing at the Millenium Falcon diagram with awe. Trying my best to speed-read, I’d try taking the entirety of the image in at once. Of course, I can’t remember much except that it was a Millenium Falcon.

AT-AT Infographic

I’m a huge fan of the retro book look. I’m not sure if this is from a book or if the dudes at I Love Charts managed to make it themselves, but I really like the feel of the graphic. It stands out because of its unique ‘old-ness’, especially compared to the more modern fonts of today. Who ever would’ve thought Times New Roman would be missed?

The detailed diagram of the AT-AT seems as though the artist put a lot of effort into this piece of work. I particularly like the attention paid to the Snowtroopers (the ones on the lower floor) and the speederbike garage. The detailing on the heavy laser cannons look awesome as well.

It’s fascinating to see this diagram, because it really puts things into a functional perspective. For example, I never would have considered how communication happened between the Empire and an individual AT-AT, but now I know that it’s through hologram. Similarly, I wondered whether Stormtroopers/Snowtroopers would be packed together like droids, or sitting like humans. This diagram makes it clear that the second option is the correct one, as does Episode II when we find out that Stormtroopers are not robots, but clones.

Even the leg of the AT-AT is specified in detail, with pistons and and absorbers and all these gizmos whirring. Whoever invented this creature is bound to have been granted a promotion within the Empire.

Where’s the bathroom, though? I never understood how Stormtroopers handled their biological needs in that thing, which leads me to imagine that it must be quite the hassle to go through — unless they’re wearing Stormdiapers.

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Via: Geekologie