9 Vintage Star Wars Snack Foods Lost in Time

When you’re a social phenomenon as big as Star has been for the last 36 years, you’re bound to have some merchandise flooding the market that isn’t really the proudest moment of the franchise.

For example? Well, anything food-related that has a Star Wars connection, although as the years went by, these become quite valuable collector items instead of a source for embarrassment.

Pepperidge Farms Star Wars Cookies

Star Wars Cookies

These were made during the 1980s, with the Dark Side obviously getting to be the chocolate and the Force’s side representing Vanilla.

Star Wars Bubble Gum

Star Wars Bubble Gum

In 1978, going along with the Star Wars craze that gripped the nation, came Movie Photo Cards, that were not cool enough to be sold without another incentive – 1 stick bubble gum.

Star Wars Cereal

Star Wars Cereal

C3PO ws the face used to sell these Kellogs cereal, that also came with a nice, cheap, golden mask.

Star Wars Soda from the 1990’s

Star Wars Soda

1980s Star Wars Candy

Star Wars Candy

Star Wars Mountain Dew

Star Wars Mountain Dew

Luke Skywalker on a Stick

Luke Skywalker Candy on a Stick

More Kellogs Star Wars Sweetness

Star Wars Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts and Fruit Snacks that came out in 2005 to make the most of the Revenge of the Sith coming out.

Jar Jar Binks Candy

Jar Jar Binks Candy

There are Star Wars food-stuff that look cool, like these 15 Deliciously Geeky Star Wars Meals

(Via Leonora Epstein)