Iron Man Mark 42 USB Flash Drive Keeps Files Handy

You may not have Tony Stark’s funds to build the famous exoskeleton, but you could buy an USB flash drive designed as the Iron Man Mark 42 hand.

Iron Man 3, which is currently running at a theater near you, is set to be one of the top-grossing blockbusters of this summer. One of the elements that make this movie better than the first two Iron Man flicks is the Mark 42 – or XLII, if you prefer Roman numerals – suit (is that a reference to Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?), which you can admire in all of its glory in the following picture.

On this occasion, Marvel licensed all sorts of things that look like parts of the Mark 42 suit, from clothing to such small gadgets as the following USB flash drive. Since Mark XLII is the first suit that Tony Stark can control with his mind, there is a nice connection between mind control and the flash memory of the USB drive. The storage capacity is of either 8 or 16GB, but that’s not among the most important features. The fingers are articulated, so the Iron Man Mark 42 USB flash drive can be positioned in a few different ways. The price of $39.95 for the 8GB version might be a bit steep, but devoted Iron Man fans probably won’t mind that, considering how accurately designed this USB flash drive is.

The Iron Man Mark 42 USB flash drive also comes with an LED in the palm, and I assume that it lights up when it’s in use.

On a side note, Iron Man Mark 42 hoodies are also available. The most interesting feature of this piece of clothing is that the zipper goes all the way up to cover your face with the full Mark 42 armor. You won’t be completely blind after doing so, as the hoodie comes with see-through mesh in the area of the eyes. Hopefully, no one will have the “bright” idea of robbing a bank while dressed in this hoodie.

In case this is too dull for you, there are two other such hoodies that you can choose from: the Iron Patriot and the War Machine. Hot Topic takes pre-orders for all three of them, so if you fancy any of the armors, you can have one for $44.63. Expect to receive your orders after May 10.

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