Star Wars Style March Madness Bracket

It’s March, and it’s NCAA tournament time, so that means nearly every person in the United States has at least one bracket going on, regardless if that person even cares about college basketball. Our guess is that more people know about Star Wars than CBB teams in 2013, so that’s why the This is Madness bracket is way more cooler than the actual thing.

THis is Madness

Like in every bracket, you have your number one seeds, among them two clear favorites, and the rest of the field. Geeks and general fans love arguing all the time about who is the strongest character, who would win in a lightsaber fight and what droid would actually come out with his metal hand on top – R2 or C3PO? Now you can, and it’s a lot more fan this way, seeing the entire bracket spread before you.

It’s hard to see how Han Solo and Darth Vader aren’t going to make the tournament final, seeing as they are the most popular characters from the series, but that’s like predictions Kansas will play Louisville in the final – too easy, and it actually doesn’t happen that often. Maybe going for a dark horse like Boba Fett, who’s a lot like Butler or VCU, might be the wise bet to make, if you are that kind of vile person. Don’t bet on Yoda – he’s old and reliable, but like every good Big Ten team, he messes up when it really matters.

To join the fun, just go to, and start voting.