Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with this Guitar

If Rick Grimes were a fan of rock and roll, then he probably would have loved to shred on this custom made electric guitar.

Zombie Apocalypse Guitar

Travis Stevens transformed an ordinary looking Fender Stratocaster guitar and turned it into something that truly belongs with the living dead. He probably might be a Walking Dead fan himself, as his zombie apocalypse guitar is truly in honor of one of the most successful TV series of this generation. Just check out the back plate with the hand painted words, “Keep out, dead inside.”

Zombie Apocalypse Guitar 2

Zombie Apocalypse Guitar 3

The body of the guitar has a distressed finish, with peeling paint chips and blood spattered designs. All over the front you can see empty bullet shells from a variety of handguns and rifles. He also made 3D embossed images of zombies trying to break through a wall or barricade. The color details truly are eye-catching, giving that dark and dreary look. Plus, as an added bonus, there’s a grenade you can use in case you run out of ammo.

For more technical details, Stevens mentions that this strat has a mini-toggle boost switch, blocked tremolo, Fender locking tuners, and Seymour Duncan Blackouts active pickups, perfect for aggressive guitar playing styles. In short, Stevens’ refurbished the guitar’s outer appearance while still staying true to its excellent sound quality.

For interested buyers, this awesome piece is for sale on Stevens’ eBay page for around $749 as the starting bid. Custom guitar fans probably might also remember Stevens for his other notable masterpieces such as the Han Solo in Carbonite guitar. That famous piece was sold in 2012 to musician Ben Moody, who was a part of Evanescence and currently of the band We Are the Fallen.

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