Star Wars Universe Made Of 250,000 LEGO Bricks

Star Wars: Episode I might not have been the best part of George Lucas’ sci-fi saga, but it did feature some entertaining bits, such as the Podrace, which has been recreated in LEGO.This monstrosity of a LEGO project is part of the Legoland Discovery Centre, which in turn is located at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. Now would be a perfect time for LEGO enthusiasts to envy all the ones living in Manchester, if not for something else, then simply for their possibility of visiting the aforementioned Legoland Discovery Centre. Even though this particular exhibition opened in the Trafford Centre in 2010, the previous exhibits didn’t present much interest to LEGO fans. This LEGO Star Wars MINILAND model display will surely change that situation.

As mentioned in the title, it took them 250,000 bricks to recreate just a piece of the Star Wars universe in LEGO. Imagine how it would be if they recreated every scene from all 6 parts (with more to come, thanks to Disney). It’s one thing to prepare the filming set when shooting a movie, and a totally different thing to recreate a world using just LEGO bricks and characters. It’s not only a matter of financial resources, but also of time. On the other hand, there are probably thousands of LEGO enthusiasts who would gladly volunteer for such a grand task.

The set includes more than 2,000 mini figurines and that is only one of the impressive details. Obviously, some of these mini figurines are characters who played an important part in the first episode of the saga. Besides them, there are the rolling hills of planet Naboo, where the podrace took place, and the desert plains of Tattooine, the planet on which Anakin Skywalker was raised. The visitors will also have to chance to participate in various giveaways, not to mention that this might be a unique chance of observing the Star Wars universe from a small distance.

The public will be able to visit this attraction from February 1 to June 1 2013. Some people are revolted because of the high price, but from a certain point of view, the entry fee can be justified by the amount of work and time that people have put into this project. More precisely, the visitors of this attractions will have to get at least £8.10 ($13) to see the LEGO Phantom Menace.

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