Geek Marks Macintosh’s 29th Anniversary with LEGO Replica

Apple’s Macintosh and LEGO bricks don’t have anything in common, but this did not stop a geek from bringing them together in a minuscule replica of the 1984-born personal computer.

Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh personal computer on January 24, 1984, so the 29th anniversary was last week. Chris McVeigh, a professional geek, who among others is a toy photographer, t-shirt designer, old-school gamer and Lego builder (according to his description on Facebook), decided to mark this special day with a replica of this computing dinosaur.

The Macintosh replica looks pretty rough, but that’s understandable, since it was built with LEGO bricks. McVeigh didn’t stop after creating the main unit. He also built a LEGO keyboard to match the Macintosh 128K, as well as a mouse. There peripherals make the entire picture look a lot more realistic.

McVeigh admitted on his Flickr page that this Macintosh LEGO replica was successful beyond any expectations. As a consequence, he will share the instructions on how to build one yourself: “Due to the incredible response, I’ll be posting a building guide for this model within the next two weeks. Additionally, I hope to offer a limited number of kits for those of you without easy access to the necessary bricks.”

His Flickr and Facebook pages abound with geeky LEGO creations, from a replica of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych (the famous painting of Marilyn Monroe) to LEGO Stormtrooper soup. As a conclusion, LEGO enthusiasts should definitely keep an eye on this geek, as I’m sure he has many surprises in store for us. If he goes on the same path he’s been till now, there’s a lot of success awaiting!

Also on January 24, 2013, the makers of the jOBS movie released a teaser including a conversation in a parking lot between Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Steve Wozniak denied having that sort of interactions with Steve Jobs. In an email to Gizmodo, he explains other things that are wrong with that teaser. I’m starting to think that jOBS is made by Apple fanboys for Apple fanboys who’ve seen Steve Jobs as some sort of god, and that it will be filled with inaccurate events and situations. Even the title is bad, since it does not follow the iPhone/iPad/iPod pattern. Something like iJobs would’ve have been a much better choice, IMHO. Besides all that, they cast Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs?! Seriously?

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