Adventure Time’s BMO Made From A Game Boy

Come on everybody, grab a friend, and see this cute fan-made replica of Adventure Time’s BMO.

One of my favorite characters from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time – it’s a pretty big show, perhaps you’ve heard of it – is BMO, a walking talking videogame console that lives with Finn and Jake. Why, you ask? Well, it’s a walking talking videogame console for Pete’s sake and an absolutely adorable one at that – partly thanks to the vocal talents of Niki Yang.


BMO by Clog Two image 1

It kind of dawned on me recently that seeing how BMO looks an awfully lot like a Nintendo Game Boy, I haven’t yet come across fan-made projects where someone Frankenstein-ed a Game Boy into a replica of him/her/whatever. Thankfully, the Internet usually delivers whenever such ideas are born from the mind and that’s no different in this instance.

BMO by Clog Two image 2


Singapore-native and talented visual artist Clog Two has taken to this call and has fashioned their own real-world version of the Adventure Time character, using the method I described above of decorating a non-working GB, painting it with spray paints to match its animated television counterpart, and shaping epoxy putty for BMO’s arms and legs.

The end result is totally mathematical, if I do say so myself. And I just did!

BMO MODEATH by Clog Two image

Clog Two even crafted a friend for BMO out of a second donated Game Boy, the deathly cute (I’ll say!) MODEATH. Yikes… It’s kind of giving me Lynch King heebie-jeebie vibes; dude haunts my dreams like nobody’s business. Speaking of haunts, you should probably make it a priority to haunt Clog Two’s website and discover what other fantastic goods grace their gallery.

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