The Steampunk iPhonograph Is Perfect For Retrophiles

Retro is back with a bang and if you don’t believe us, then just take a look around. Be it steampunk, gadgets, or even fashion, the vintage phenomenon has suddenly taken the word by storm and suddenly it is hip to heart everything retro.

Fortunately, now the geeks have also jumped onto the Retro bandwagon; hence, the sudden explosion of gadgets like the RetroDuo Portable or the completely fascinating Tworse Key.

The iPhonograph follows in the same tradition as the Tworse Key, and is a modern device in the garb of vintage styling. In fact, Michael Greensmith, the man behind this DIY project calls it a Steampunk iPhonograph and we can’t help agree with the moniker. Taking a stab at Steampunk aesthetics and paying homage to the good old gramophone, the iPhonograph will resonate with the retrophile or the Steampunk aficionado.

Building the iPhonograph, requires expertise and it is impressive, how the project incorporates both the Steampunk and the iPod craze with panache. Interestingly, the iPhonograph is big on power, as the user wanted something that makes an impact and earns the respect of any self-respecting audiophile. The project requires many materials and, while you can read the how to guide at Instructables, we have listed the material list for you below:

1 x Old Cutlery Canteen (Box)

1 x Brass Horn – these are repos imported from India (one of many sites:

1 x Mini Stereo Amp – this I built from an old kit I had lying around at home, it has an LM380 audio amp, but really you should use a mono amp for this! Obviously!

1 x Transformer to run the amplifier

1 x 1.5 metre square of blue felt

2 x Potentiometer Knobs

1 x 1 metre length of shielded audio cable

2 x 3.5mm stereo plugs

1 x 3.5mm stereo socket

1 x Power lead with plug for mains

1 x Power socket

1 x Power switch (3 way)

2 x Mains driven LED lights (one red and one green)

1 x 100mm square of acrylic (3mm thick)

The iPhonograph surely has a nostalgic vibe to it and reminds you of a long forgotten era. Those who cannot think of going back to vinyl, but still crave a functioning phonograph for posterity, can attempt the iPhonograph at home.