Neat Little Steampunk Inspired Globe Table Lamp

Why not add some more steampunk to your living room? Check out this neat little steampunk inspired globe table lamp that would be perfect to read under.

steampunk light

Steampunk inspired furniture and accessories seem to be all the rage these days, especially on do-it-yourself arts and crafts site Etsy. Despite the fact that new “steampunk” or “rustic” pieces pop up on that site every day, some of them at least have some style and personality.

This steampunk globe lamp is designed to be a table lamp, so it would be perfect to have next to your favourite reading chair. You can pretend that you’re reading under the light of an old, but noticeably bright, oil lamp.

steampunk table lamp

While I suppose that calling it old-fashion would be more appropriate, there are a few nifty little steampunk features on the lamp, such as the cogs and gears along the side which make it stand out.

According to our source, this little piece, which isn’t obvious from the pictures, stands just under a foot high. It was made using an old antique globe and brass three-legged stand for lamps. The decorations on the side came from clock gears and decorative chains and jewelry. The piece is signed and dated by its designer.

Luckily these lamps, if there are more than one, aren’t overpriced. They go for 12 bucks if you’re having it shipped to the states, or $30 for world-wide orders. At that price it’s hardly more expensive than buying a brand new lamp mass-produced table lamp from any store and at least you’ll be supporting an artist who has some genuine creative flair.

steampunk globe table lamp

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