‘Resistance 3’ Brutality Pack: Survival Mode & Mastodon

Find out what’s so snazzy about Resistance 3’s latest expansion pack that adds a new multiplayer mode; besides the fact that it’s only $4 bucks!

Resistance 3 Brutality Pack Image

While Resistance 3’s chilling climatic tale might have come to a close on the single-player campaign side of things, it’s multiplayer offerings are just getting warmed up with the release of the Resistance 3 ‘Brutality Pack’ over on the PlayStation Network.

Sony just released a kick-ass trailer for the expansion — check it out first, before we go into the tasty details.

For a loving $3.99, the add-on pack brings the cooperative Survival Mode into the fold, where players must fight tooth-and-nail against a surging angry wave of Grims, an ugly sort of Chimeran that is the result of a alien-parasite taking host of a human and turning them into a aggression-fueled lunatic (that doesn’t sound pleasant at all.)

The Survival Mode is accessible either offline or online too; so no worries if your buddies are far or near, the fun of gunning down a menacing alien stamped can be had in any situation. All the while listening to the dulcet tones of Grammy winning metal band Mastodon, who awesomely provides seven tracks (including three from their latest album The Hunter) to the Brutality Pack as a bonus.

Oh-ho-ho! But that’s not all, mi amigos. You’ll also be getting with the Brutality Pack, as part of your download, a nifty Mick Cutler skin, the Sledgehammer weapon unlocked for other multiplayer modes, and finally a special Warden Static PlayStation 3 Theme. Fantastic!

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