Steampunk Shoes by Metropolis Alternative

Steampunk continues to be penetrating more and more into the ranks of fashion, leaving the same confinements of internet and fan art for superheroes and other things, with Metropolis Alternative bringing out a new line of Steampunk inspired shoes.

The company, based in California, is known to focus on Cyberpunk genres, known and lesser known, with all of their designs being in-house exclusives, with a philosophy of You are an individual, so start dressing like one.

The pricing for these products are unknown to those who aren’t registered users on the website, but the first line you see when the site loads – Steampunk is an eclectic world of cogs and rivets, it is airships, goggles and steam. It is romance…   it is adventure” defenitley gives you the sense that this company doesn’t just make these products because of the trendiness but is actually about people creating something with a passion to a geeky fashion statement.