This Handmade Super Mario Bros Glass Pipe Takes You Straight to Mushroomland

We always thought there was something weird going on in mushroom land, but never that it was just a drug induced hallucination of a fat plumber.

It might as well be just that: the team at High End Glass created this hand made glass pipe themed after the Super Mario Bros series, and provides a rational and coherent explanation about how it is possible, anyways, that a plumber would have to save princesses from huge lizards. This version might not be as fun to play in a videogame, but it definitely makes more sense. Also, the glass pipe itself is a sight to behold.

The pipe features Mario in his Tanooki suit, stars, goombas, pipes, and everything needed to make the scene clearly recognizable to anyone who’s played the game. We approve. Congratulations to its creator, Paul Stephan.

Via: Nerd Approved

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