The Olympic Games Go 8-bit

An animated short featuring bad-ass 8-bit art that should win Olympic gold.

8-bit Games Flikli Screencap

The Olympics are here once again; yeah, all that hub-bub in London that’s in the news, that’s what that is in case you’re wondering. Yup, every four years the best athletes from around the world come together to participate in friendly competition in a multitude of sports: basketball, swimming, and even ping pong–err, I mean, table tennis. They get angry if you call it ping pong.

For geeks and nerds, such as ourselves, the draw of the Olympic games don’t sound all too appetizing, being the indoor-zy types. You know, if the Olympic committee were smart they’d introduce some geeky friendly events, like a snarky Internet comment-off or who’s the first in line for a Comic-Con panel. Sheesh, just think of the amount of viewers that would bring. Lots, I tells ya!

Chances are though, that might never become a possibility (shame on you Olympic committee, FOR SHAME!), but hopefully they’ll get clever in the promotion department and hire Flikli Productions, because check out the extremely boss piece of animation they did based on the Olympic games, which is fantastically 8-bit-licious. Yes, I’m well aware that such a word doesn’t exist, but it does now.

How awesome was that video? Awesome on eleven, that’s how. Oh, and the chiptune music that accompanied it, my favorite part. No doubt. Now if only the Olympics in London looked so gosh-darn poppy.

Be sure to hit up Flikli Productions‘ website and give them some rightfully deserved clicks, and then come on back to your friends at Walyou to see what we’ve got in store for you. I think you will absolutely love reading about these cute Street Fighter II LEGO minifigs or a robotic trashcan that makes sure your rubbish-made basketball shot always goes in.