A Day In a Life of a Stormtrooper [Pics]

Ever wondered if the Stormtroopers were real what would they do when they are off duty?

Swedish photographer Kristina Alexanderson answers that question using her camera and a lot of creativity. She staged the troopers in daily events  trying to make it as human and simple as possible and we absolutely love the outcome! For more awesome pictures make sure you visit her Flickr page.

Star Wars Meets Android

The Star Wars stormtrooper plays with droid – err, Android – bots.


The stormtrooper has a day at the beach.

Taking Yohsi out for a stroll

Even stormtroopers need pets. This one has Yoshi.

Taking some time off

A stormtrooper relaxes in the jungle.

 Celebrating Halloween

Stormtrooper kids go out for trick or treating on Halloween while the evil Darth Vader looks on.

The new destroyer

Stormtrooper daddy makes a paper airplane for his kid.

Using Linux to find the Droids

Stomrtoopers prefer Linux.

Making a self portrait

A stormtrooper artist sketches himself.