The Ultimate Headgear: Stormtroopers Helmet

Star Wars serves as the basis for creativity and designing in many fields. Many objects are designed around the characters of this epic saga. The leading sports shoe brand Adidas has time and again come up with a whole range of shoes revolving around the Star Wars characters. Among this collection was one based on the Stormtroopers. This offering from Adidas served as the basis for yet another creative burst and a pair of these shoes was transformed into a Stormtrooper’s helmet.

It might sound a bit weird to hear this but it is true that this bit of footwear has been successfully changed into a stunning piece of headgear. It is so close to the actual ones that any Star Wars fan would love to own a piece.

In the epic saga these Startrooper form the Imperial army. These soldiers are clad in white and wear massive gas helmets. The Adidas shoes for these characters bore the signature white color with splashes of color on the tongue, rear and sole. Already being associated with the character these shoes were a perfect choice for the helmet.

Freehandprofit is a Los Angeles based artist who is currently working on his mask projects. When he was approached to create a mask for the project ‘Star Wars Remix’ he could not resist the offer. With a pair of brand new Adidas shoes he set out to work on his project. As admitted by the creator himself this project was a bit of a tough nut. Unlike other masks that he had created this one required both shoes of the pair. With a great deal of planning, hard work and determination he came up with the current form of the Startrooper helmet. As he has said he could not have been ‘happier with the result’. And any other Star Wars fan that gets to see it cannot stop admiring the creative mind that gave shape to this remarkable piece of work.

Creativity is best reflected in projects where an object is successfully transformed to serve a totally different purpose. This class of creativity is reflected in this Stormtrooper helmet. If you simply get to see the picture of the helmet you would not guess that it is made of shoes. When you get to know the origin of the helmet you are sure to be awestruck. And if you wish to own it your wishes will be granted as it is up for sale on eBay for more than $1200.

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