The Cutest Star Wars Babies

Once you love someone, you want to know everything about that person. It’s also true in case of movie characters. As one of the most popular franchises in the history of sci-fi, Star Wars is adored and riveted by millions of people. Die-hard fans want to know every detail about Star Wars heroes and villains: where they were born, how they were brought up, how they looked like when they were kids. That crazy fandom has prompted artists to create baby images of Star Wars characters, as well as parents to dress up their babies to look like baby Stormtrooper, Yoda or Chewbacca. Here are 15 cutest baby Star Wars characters for your contemplation.

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Star Wars Babies

Costumed Baby Stormtrooper


Stormtrooper baby is following Stormtrooper daddy (or mommy) on the scout around the neighborhood. Standing with his arms crossed and the typical emotionless Stormtrooper face, the kid seems to be angry about something.

Baby Yoda


Image Sources: Tinyfroglet, FriendsKorner, Fanboy, Mylot, Julie Marie, CuteBabyFix,

yoda baby costume cute 1

Yoda’s long big ears seem to be even bigger when he was young. Nonetheless, he still looks way too cute.

yoda baby costume cute 2

yoda baby costume cute 3

yoda baby star wars costumes

yoda baby star wars costume

Yoda Kid


Image Source: Cute Baby Fix, Technabob, FriendsKorner

yoda baby costume cute

A Jedi master in making, this kid has everything you want to see in a Yoda, including a coveted lightsaber.

yoda baby costume cute 4

Baby Princess Leia

Image Sources: FriendsKorner, KjrMusic

princess leia baby costume cute star wars

With a creative hairdo hat like this one, you can easily transform your little girl into an adorable little version of Princess Leia.

princess leia baby costume cute

Baby Chewbacca in Costume


Image Source: Lara604

chewbacca baby costume cute

Chewie needs to find something to cover his face. It’s too cute for the dark side to handle.

Baby Girl Chewbacca


Image Source: lilsugar

9 month old baby girl Gretchen did a wonderful job to transform hairy Chewbacca into the sweetest thing ever. If it doesn’t make your heart melt, I don’t know what would.

Baby Vader Costume

Image Source: Amazon

This smiley baby Vader has the innocence of Anakin Skywalker when he hadn’t turned to the dark side yet.

Costumed Baby Vader


Image Source: Growing Up with Ed

darth vader baby star wars

Don’t let his adorable appearance fool you, he’s 100% Dark Sith Lord. Wearing the same costume as the Vader above, this baby Vader keeps himself cool with a cold face and a scary look.

R2D2 Baby

While it may not be a in ‘human form’ in the movies, it doesn’t mean that babies don’t make for great R2D2 droids.

r2d2 baby costume cute

Image Source: DaddyTypes

r2d2 baby costume cute 2