Street Fighter Gets Tron-ified

The neon style of Tron seems to be bleeding into every visual medium known to mankind like a beautiful and vicious wildfire. We’ve already seen the 8-Bit throwbacks of Mega Man Tron, the courageous heroics of Marvel Tron, and some of us have even glanced at the naughty Playboy Tron; but this bandwagon is about to make another swing around for the better.

If you are standing behind a friend while viewing this page, I suggest grabbing a seat because you’re about collapse from this level of awesome. Artist BossLogic has deemed the world ready for Tron Street Fighter.

I know, I know. My heart skipped a bit or two as well when I saw these pictures. It isn’t some played out, boring neon light show that is trying to feed off of the Tron hype. Each piece is brilliantly woven together with intense lighting, dynamic poses, and that aggressive Street Fighter IV emotion.

While the entire roster isn’t available, the classics and fan favorites present were done undeniably well. The energetic movements and stances of Street Fighter mesh well with the darks and lights of Tron to display a raw and more powerful look to each character.

If these photos aren’t giving everyone who knows a damn thing about Street Fighter or Tron a nerdgasm then I am not sure what will. The art style alone is something that Capcom should definitely consider importing into the game at a future date. There will definitely be a huge demand for such a thing after this set of images.

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Via: Albotas