The Very Unique Camera USB Speaker

Photography geek alert! Most of us do our rooms and offices to themes. And if you are a shutterbug then flaunting your photographs and cameras is the way to go. Brando, that is known to make quirky stuff for you to use, is out with a Camera USB Speaker this time, to kick in the New Year. This product bears a striking resemblance to and is in fact, the exact 1:1 replica of the Canon Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR), which is a wonderful product in itself. This makes it all the more trendier to sport it in as an accessory. Are you wondering, as accessory to what? Well as the name suggests, this one doubles as Speaker with a USB port on it. It can be plugged to all iPods, mp3, mp4, and MD players, laptops, notebooks, CD/VCD and DVD players, PCs, PDAs, your PSP, mobile phones, and any other popular digital goods of the same kind. It can also be used as an audio player when hooked up to USB devices and SD/MMC memory cards. It is connected by 3.5 mm audio connector and its feature makes it a portable gadget that will be highly useful to you.

The Camera USB Speaker is very convenient to use. With a specific On or Off switch that is easy to find and separate buttons for Volume up and down and push buttons for previous or next track options, it is not a hard one to get used to. Despite this, there is a detailed User’s Manual that comes along with the rest of the package which consists of the audio cable, a USB cable, and also a very handy remote control.

The gizmo is powered by a USB fixed to it. Alternatively you can also use four AA batteries. The main attraction of this Camera USB Speaker is its camera replica design. It even has an LED mock-up screen at the back with choices of Quality, Red Eye On/Off, Beep, et cetera. Priced at $75, it is definitely one cool and affordable thingamajig to own and flaunt if you are a photographer. In fact, it would be quite a cheeky practical prank to pull off on friends too. You could trick them by posing a challenge and ask them to tell the ‘actual’ camera and the Camera USB Speaker apart from each other. You will definitely have them baffled with this one.

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