Super Mario Marathon – Donate To Help Sick Children!

Super Mario Marathon is in full swing in order to raise money that goes toward helping sick children. What is this marathon, and what ensues?

While it is not a literal marathon, the Super Mario Marathon is an event hosted by the guys over at Penny Arcade in order to raise money for the Child’s Play charity foundation. This foundation helps to aid sick children by teaming up with over 70 different hospitals across the world to donate money, toys, books, and most importantly, video games, to sick children. Thus far, according to, partners have donated over 2.3 million dollars to help the cause.

Right now the event is having a Live Stream event, which you can check out below, in which the team gathers around a TV in order to play Mario until they beat their pre-selected level layout. The levels are pre-selected by the team, and they only move on to the next game/level once the donated amount is met for their current progress. I would love to list all of the levels for our readers, but there are over 800 levels across ten Mario games, with the first level costing a $.50 donation, and each subsequent level being 1% more than the last. You can check out all of the levels here and also donate here! Head on over and help out children who certainly need some fun and excitement in their lives!

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