Spotify Finally Landing in US in Mid-July?

It seems as though the move of Spotify to US shores has literally taken years to finalize.  Now it appears that not only is the launch coming, it is a mere few weeks away.

Of course just because Spotify isn’t in the United States just yet doesn’t mean they can’t be working to make it a true competitor to iTunes once it does arrive.  One potential move the company looks to be making is partnering up with one of the biggest social media sites in the country in Facebook to bring streaming music in a cool new way to that site.  There is also the new music download service that the company just adopted in May that is completely geared towards making them a legit contender to the music throne that iTunes currently sits in.

Of course, in order for Spotify to really be a player in the United States market they need to actually BE in the United States market.  Finally it appears that the middle of July will be when the company finally hit the US shores.  While there is still no actual date, all signs are saying that it will be just a few more weeks until the company goes live in the US and when they do it appears they will be offering $10 a month subscription plans.

This particular price would actually be a bit of a savings from people who are using the service overseas who were charged 10 euros per month ($14).  Of course before you get too excited there are also some rumors that Spotify, even when it does finally launch may not launch completely.  There are some industry insiders that are saying that Spotify might originally launch in the United States as a Beta, issuing invites for people to try the service out before it goes mainstream.  While this practice is nothing out of the ordinary, it is generally done by brand new companies who are trying to get themselves some buzz.  While Spotify is new to the US, they have been around a while in regards to the rest of the world.  Spotify should go live and do it hard.