Strumming with the Air Guitar Move

Music based video games have been around for some time now. It gives a player the sheer joy of playing music without even having taken music lessons. But there was something lacking in them. While it gave the joy of playing music it failed to arouse the enthusiasm that comes from actually playing an instrument. This little gap has been filled by a duo from San Francisco, Colin and Ronald.

It is not surprising to know that both Colin and Ronald are music lovers. They probably realize the fact that there are many more music lovers who might want to play the guitar but have not learnt to do so. In order to help satisfy their desires they created the Air Guitar Move. Like many other applications this one too is especially designed for the iPhone and iPod.

The Air Guitar Move consists of a motion sensing plectrum that senses every move of yours. Accordingly you can play any music or chord with this device. Using it is simple. All you need to do is hold the iPhone or iPod in one hand like you would hold a guitar. With your fingers carefully placed on the screen you need to start strumming with your plectrum. This motion sensing device is capable of reading what ever you want to play. Connect the guitar pick to the iPhone or iPod dock and rock yourself away on every beat.

The team creating the Air Guitar Move already has other credits to their name. They have successfully created the award winning V-Beat Air Drums, V-Beat Air Guitar and the Thumbies. In fact Thumbies has been the best selling music toy at Amazon UK. It was also the first iPhone game controller which was available on Best Buy.

With so many credits attached to their names, Colin and Ronald are enthusiastic about this project as well. They have successfully created sample pieces and have already tried using them with ultimate ease. Every person that has come across this amazing idea has admired it to their heart. After all who can deny that music adds color to ones life? However, the product has to go into production to be available to all. It is no doubt that a great product like this will have many takers. In order to aid production Colin and Ronald are trying their best to gather as much fund as possible. If you wish to support them you too can do so and in turn allow music to flow in to your life.


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