Be a Warm Techie with These Super Soft Texting Gloves

After many warnings that winter would be coming, the bone-chilling season is finally taking over the northern hemisphere, and while your outfit is generally up to you, if you’re planning to use your mobile device outdoors, we recommend getting a pair of super soft texting gloves.

Regardless if you have an affinity for mobile devices or not, you most probably are aware of the damaging effect of cold air on your skin. Sure, there are plenty of remedies for dry skin, but maybe it would be better if you prevented it from getting dry, in the first place. One of the first measures that you could take is to wear gloves whenever you’re going out. But what do you do when your phone rings or you need to reply to an urgent text message? Do you remove your warm mittens in order to get on with the matter at hand, or do you use texting gloves, to make sure that your hands stay warm while handling the mobile device? If the latter, check out the super soft texting gloves that are currently available in our store, Walyou Deals.

Made out of polyester, these texting gloves cover your hands and fingers in their entirety, so you don’t have to worry about the harmful effect of chilly weather. Even though they are available in just two colors, namely black and grey, they can match a wide range of colored outfits. On top of that, another aspect you shouldn’t worry about is the size, as they come in one-size-fits all measures. With an extra comfortable fit and feel, the texting gloves seem to be the very definition of convenience during harsh winter days.

If you’re concerned about compatibility, here are some smartphone models that will work just fine with these texting gloves: iPhone 6/6S, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge 6, LG V10, Nexus 6P, and basically any smartphone or tablet with a capacitative touchscreen.

The only thing you should mind when using these texting gloves, is not to use the smartphone or tablet in heavy snowfall, as the mobile device may not be water resistant. Make sure to check the specs of your product prior to using it in such conditions. Other than that, both the texting gloves and the smartphone should be able to withstand wind and/or low temperatures. The bottom line is that bad weather shouldn’t stop you from using your mobile device, and as long as you’re wearing a pair of texting gloves, you’re the one in charge.

The texting gloves cost $6.75 (originally $10) on Walyou Deals, and considering that they are shipped for free to continental US addresses, you should place an order before January 3, when the offer expires. Having to remove your mittens whenever you have to reply a text or answer a call can get very frustrating, but these super soft texting gloves allow you to do that without having to endure the cold.

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