Customized Superhero Bicycles Rock the Town

Almost all of us have grown up reading comics that depict the heroics of superheroes and other characters. Some can fly in the air, some can scale skyscrapers and others can metamorphose into other beings.

However, not many of us would dream our favourite superheroes riding bicycles! Mike Joos, a talented illustrator has brought the funny side of these superheroes by creating illustrations in which each of the famous superheroes ride customized bicycles. What is funnier is that each of the bicycles is somehow connected to the character that sits on it.

The one that Spiderman rides seems to be made of the luscious liquid that spiders secrete. Or could it be possible that the cycle is made of steel inspired from the steel structures that he scales?

This Cookie Monster’s riding a cycle that has wheels made of chocochips. Now that would make me want to eat the vehicle and the passenger at the same time.

Mr. T is one of the most famous American actors, known for his roles in Rocky III and “I Pity the Fool”. Now, the artist has created a bicycle for him with gold chain wheels, which would surely make him an easy victim for thugs. Now, I pity the fool!

Thor was recently released as a movie starring Chris Hemsworth. This timeless Marvels Comics character gets to ride a cycle which is made of hammers in place of spokes.

Aquaman’s bicycle gets wheels that are made of fish! Now we would all love to see his bicycle wiggle around the streets, wouldn’t we?

The craziest so far has to be this weird cycle designed for C3PO from Star Wars, who gets to ride a bicycle which comes with R2D2 and R2D1 wheels.

Thomas Jefferson was a prominent President of the United States of America during its initial years, and we know him well as his face is usually printed on the nickel. Thus, his bicycle gets wheels with nickels!

Edward Morgan Blake or The Comedian from ‘Watchmen’ is known for his ultra-macho appeal. However, these smiley wheels on his bicycle make him thump his chest a little less.

Superman’s red bicycle sure suits him, and seems to be customized the way he wants. However, the seat must be so tiny, that it must hurt Superman a lot, where it shouldn’t.

You can also take a look at a couple of other bicycles inspired by other comic characters. It sure must be fun, if these cycles were designed in real! If you wanted a look at some real bicycle concepts and designs, you could take a look at the 12 Bicycle Designs we had featured earlier. The Foldable Bicycle Design and the Riderless Bike are pretty interesting too!

Via: My Modern Met