Sweet Concept Gadgets for the Geeky Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you still don’t have a gift for Mom. If you need a little help, here are some ideas to complete any geeky mom’s futuristic wish list.

Bio-Robot Fridge Concept from Electrolux

Electrolux Bio Robot Fridge

Being several times thinner than your average refrigerator, the Bio-Robot Fridge has a biopolymer gel that suspends your food as it keeps them fresh. There are no doors to open, simply push in your food and the gel covers it up, keeping every item in its own vacuumed bubble.

Because the gel is translucent, Mom can easily see the items and pulls out the ingredients she needs. The smart biopolymer expands to accommodate as many items as possible, too. Talk about smart, compact, and totally space-age.

Smart Measuring Cup with LCD Screen

Smart Measuring Cup

They say that baking is an exact science, and you can’t always estimate the amount of ingredients you add to your mixtures. Give Mom an extra high-tech helping hand with this Smart Measuring Cup, indicating in its LCD screen the exact volume of liquids poured in.

This concept gadget can be preset to know the type of liquid it measures, as well as the amount needed. An alarm beeps when Mom has put in too much cream, and because the LCD screen is removable, the measuring cup can be placed in the dishwasher.

Microwave Cooker and Lamp in One

Delicious Wave
Mom will surely love a device that not only lights up the dining table, but also instantly reheats the food before serving. That may soon be a reality with Delicious Wave, which is a dual-purpose dome lamp suspended above the dining table. After Mom has placed the meals on the table, she can keep them warm by pulling down the lamp and reheating them with microwaves.

Dog and Puppies Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Puppy

Vacuuming the whole house can be back-breaking work for Mom. Maybe she can now take a break with these four robotic puppies concept vacuum cleaner. Just release the little critters and they will roll around the floor and clean everything in their path.

When they need recharging, the vacuum cleaning units are docked into their “mommy” dog, just like they were real puppies nursing. Kind of reminds you of the R2D2 vacuum cleaning robot, which your Star Wars fan Mom may like, too.

Eco-Friendly Washer and Dryer

Eco Pod Washer Dryer

It’s not a wonder how hard it is for Mom to juggle dirty laundry every day. The Eco-Pod steam washer dryer does all those loads in a snap. It is not only a space-saving and compact appliance, but its steam-cleaning capabilities make it also good for conserving water. With three different laundry baskets or “pods,” Mom can easily separate the lights, coloreds, and darks, and load them up into her tech-savvy washer dryer.