Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting

If you were wondering what it would be like if superheroes fought against each other, Filipe Capra has an artistic solution for your question.

Filipe’s project, aptly titled ‘Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting’ juxtaposes two popular superheroes battling each other in each of the posters, which create a comic effect on the viewer.

With information about the supposed fighting contest, you could plan which fighting tournament you can visit!

In fact, the Goku vs. Superman poster has to be the funniest, with Superman towering (not really) over Goku at 5’9″.

Each poster also gives information about the superheroes involved in the fight.

Techniques that they use to build their strength, the planets they come from, when they were first sighted in comic strips, their demographic and biometric details are all listed on the poster, to give the viewer a pseudo-boxing game sort of experience.

Perhaps each one of us has imagined these fights between superstars to varying levels of morbidity and humor.

Popeye vs. Asterix, El Chapulin Colorado vs. The Mighty Thor, Libra Dohko vs. Yoda, Seu Madruga vs. Rocky Balboa, Legolas vs. Hawkeye and other pairings have been featured by the artist already.

If you would like to give him suggestions for a custom fight between superheroes of your choice, you could do so by following him on Twitter, and leaving a shout.

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