Gooey Alien Chestburster Red Shirt Cake

The ultimate fear of any geek who has somatoform delusions has to be related to a chestburster incubating in their body and then finally escape by bursting open their chest and killing them.

The chestbursters were featured in the Alien franchise and has lived on in our cultural memory for long. This Alien Chestburster Red Shirt Cake has to be one of the most disgusting and bizarre looking dessert that I have ever come across. The cake consists of the heart-shaped base through which a phallic chestburster rips outside.

Covered in red gooey syrup, the Alien Chestburster Red Shirt Cake is probably the vilest cake that you will ever get to see. This gets me wondering what it would taste like and how people would react if I left it on the window sill to cool. You might also want to take a look at the Alien Chestburster Cyborg PS3 Mod which we had featured sometime ago.

If you didn’t know what chestbursters actually do, they incubate in the host’s body and grow until they are old enough to escape. During the incubation period, the host experiences throat swelling, sore throat, nausea, congestion etc. When the chestburster forces itself outside the host’s body, the host meets their tragic and violent end.