Marvel Superhero Dinosaur Crossovers

People love superheroes and people love dinosaurs, so it’s only natural that the two cross paths at some point. These awesome illustrations by d.r3sto bring them together in a literal sense, blending man with beast until ending up with some hilarious dinosaur superheroes. Each one also has a simple, yet quite attractive background that serves to bring out the character even further.


The Ankylosaurus is known for being an armored beast with a club at the end of its tail, but that club was actually a magical war hammer named Mjolnir which allowed it to crush its enemies as well as fly.

Superhero Dinosaur - Ankylosaurus Thor

Tyrannosaurus Rex/Hulk

Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the most famous dinosaur, a fierce predator viewed by many to basically be the carniverous badass of the dinosaurs. However, this is only its secondary form; normally, the T-Rex exists as a Compsognathus named Bruce Banner until its change is triggered by stress or rage.

Superhero Dinosaur - Tyrannosaurus Rex Hulk

Triceratops/Captain America

Triceratops, the well-known herbivore, is best known for its three horns, but also the large frill behind its head. Designed as a super-soldier, Triceratops used this shield-like frill and super-strength to fight for America in World War II.

Superhero Dinosaur - Triceratops Captain America

Brontosaurus/Iron Man

The Brontosaurus is often viewed as a massive, lumbering dinosaur with a long neck, suited to eat leaves from the tallest points of trees. But what about trees that are even taller than this towering beast? Well, that’s what its rocket boots were for, allowing it to soar to the highest heights and eat the tastiest leaves.

Superhero Dinosaur - Brontosaurus Iron Man


Stegosaurus is another armored dinosaur, known primarily for the numerous spike plates down the length of its body. However, when threatened, its thick skin is able to turn into a hard metal, making it invulnerable to any physical attack.

Superhero Dinosaur - Stegosaurus Colossus


Pteranodons are able to control the weather. What, you didn’t know that?

Superhero Dinosaur - Pteranodon Storm


Velociraptors are known for their ferocity and their sharp, retractable adamantium claws. Why else would everybody love them so much?

Superhero Dinosaur - Velociraptor Wolverine


Parasaurolophus is one of those dinosaurs that’s easily recognizable, even if you might not recall its name. It has a very distinctive cranial crest, as well as laser eye beams.

Superhero Dinosaur - Parasaurolophus Cyclops


Dilophosaurus is probably best known for its appearance in Jurassic Park, in which it charmed ladies with its smooth Cajun accent and killed Newman from Seinfeld with exploding cards.

Superhero Dinosaur - Dilophosaurus Gambit


Gallimimus is a lesser-known dinosaur with a long neck and long tail. Flocks of them were seen running in Jurassic Park for a brief moment before teleporting out of sight. Also, they are fluent in German.

Superhero Dinosaur - Gallimimus Nightcrawler


Carnotaurus has an interesting name, with Carno- meaning “blind” and -taurus meaning “defender of Hell’s Kitchen”. Whatever this dinosaur lacks due to its blindness is more than made up for with its echolocation and fighting skills.

Superhero Dinosaur - Carnotaurus Daredevil


Pachycephalosaurus is absolutely crazy. It’s best to just avoid it when possible.

Superhero Dinosaur - Pachycephalosaurus Deadpool

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