Superheroes – Past & Present Posters

Everything has a beginning, and sometimes it’s usually more interesting than the version we know – that’s why Superhero origin stories are so popular and successful, when they’re done right.

Khoa Ho (which I’m not sure is the artist’s real name) decided that putting the past, or more accurately, the beginning for a few of the greatest and best known superheroes (Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and the Flash) with their more known selves would be a good idea.

Judging by the results, these awesome black & white posters with a very powerful effect (hopefully) on those who take comic books seriously deliver the message quite well with the elder looking down at his younger self.

Batman / Bruce Wayne – From Orphan to the Dark Knight

Batman Past & Present

Superman / Clark Kent – From Krypton Alien to The Most Powerful Being in the Universe

Superman Past & Present

Barry Allen / Flash – From Scientist to Fastest Man Alive

Flash Past & Present

Spider-Man / Peter Parker – From Nerd to New York Hero

Spider-Man Past & Present

You can purchase these through Behance

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