10 Awesome Noir Superhero Posters

Today, everything needs to look grittier, darker, and somehow convey a feeling of distress and deeper meaning among even the brightest and most successful of Superheroes – a road taken more and more since Christopher Nolan started his Dark Knight trilogy.

The Man of Steel, the new Superman movie coming out this summer, should be along those lines. Too optimistic, too easy for our heroes just doesn’t cut it anymore, especially when it comes to the translation on Cinema. They need to be gritty, they need to struggle, they need to be far less than perfect, almost like a detective from the film-noir genre.

Marko Manev took those idea to heart, and made a few awesome posters of the most popular superheroes – Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and others, looking a bit darker than what how we usually visualize them.

Superman – The Man of Steel

Superman Poster

Batman – The Dark Knight

Batman Poster

Captain America – The Sentinel of Liberty

Captain America Poster

Iron Man – The Armored Avenger

Iron Man Poster

Silver Surfer – The Sentinel of the Spaceways

Silver Surfer Poster

Spiderman – The Webslinger


Wolverine – Weapon X

Wolverine Poster

Thor – The God of Thunder

Thor Poster

Dr. Manhattan – The Watchmaker

Dr. Manhattan Poster

The Incredible Hulk – A Raging Monster

Hulk Poster

For for of Manev’s art, you can hit his facebook page. If you’re into more alternative looks for Superheroes you love, you can check out these pretty cool split-personality works of supes and their secret identities.