TARDIS Transformer Takes Autobots Through Time and Space

Autobots are not primarily known for time traveling, but if you created a mash-up between Transformers and Doctor Who, you’d definitely make fans of both universes happy.

[Nonnef], an Instructables user, decided one day to bring to life two of his sci-fi passions. To save time and other resources, he planned to build a transforming robot shaped as a TARDIS. Well, that’s a first! After playing a bit in a 3D modeling software, [Nonnef] proceeded to 3D printing the bits necessary for assembling the robot.

The downside of this project is that, unlike the real TARDIS, this Transformer version is not bigger on the inside (or smaller on the outside, as Clara Oswin Oswald would say). Instead, what you see is what you get, both on the outside and on the inside.

If you think you’re brave enough to build such a thing on your own, a guide on how to do it is available on Instructables. Still, if you do this TARDIS Transformer, it means that you and the creator of this project have something in common: a lot of time on your hands. To be more specific, you will need a lot of time for 3D printing the components of the TARDIS Transformer, as it took [Nonnef] 30 hours to print the latest version on a RepRap with a .35 mm nozzle.

Optimus TARDIS (or TARDIS Prime, if you prefer), went through several redesigns. More specifically, at the beginning of July [Nonnef] created Mark2, which includes shorter/beefier legs, a redesigned backpack, paint print job in blue and white, as well as stronger joints. Later on, the Instructables user decided to remove the ball joints so that the joint system is improved. Today, Mark3 saw the light of the day (and the lens of the camera). Among the changes from the previous version are the stronger hips, the K9 LaserBeak, a solider ankle design and a new neck transformation that replaces the spring vitamin with a different system.

All in all, I hope that [Nonnef] is satisfied with the current design, as unlike him, the other Whovians and fans of the Transformers franchise don’t have unlimited stocks of polymers for 3D printing. Of course, there’s always the option to recycle the plastic used by 3D printers, but purchasing a machine to do that is not simple, either.

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