If Popular Sites Were Superheroes, Which Ones Would They Be?

Your favorite websites have now been superhero-fied in one cool visualization. This graphic shows popular sites on the Internet in their superhero personas in an ultimately cool and, appropriately, humorous manner.

The guys at College Humor have done it again! The outcome as can only one expect from the team is awesomely funny. Enjoy!

Google is an overpowered hero with a near infinite amount of abilities. Everyone relies on him more than they should while secretly hoping he’ll never flip out and use his powers for evil. his nemesis is Yahoo!

Facebook is a utility belt full of newsfeeds, sidebars and other pointless gadgets. His nemeses are 4Chan and Tumblr.

Reddit has the ability to run any meme into the ground in under a day. His nemesis is StumbleUpon.

Huffington Post hastily grabs snippets of news from all over the Internet. Her nemesis is Cheezburger.

Amazon is powered by the green energy of people with no willpower and lots of money … and able to conjure up any good or product imaginable. His nemesis is Craigslist.

Google Plus is noble and well-meaning, but is generally thought to be a watered down version of Facebook, his self-proclaimed nemesis.