Superman Vs Batman Over Social-Media

Our spider sense is still tingling after watching the epic ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ trailer online, but he is not the only comic book superhero who deserves to go viral! The Cape Crusader and Superman seem to have been bitten by the social-networking bug as well, and just like us mortals are not averse to tweeting.

Check out the video below, which shows the Dark Knight and Superman chilling in a cafe with their smartphones. Since, with great power comes greater egos, both are indulging in a childish battle of who is cooler (Team Batman all the way). So while Batman thinks Superman is a megalomaniac who loves blowing (or tweeting) his own trumpet, Superman returns the compliment by calling his rival unimaginative. But, the superheros do put their petty quibbling aside to gang up against the Green Lantern. They refuse to accept his friend request (you go guys) and tell him to make a better movie.

However, enough writing about the video and it is time you enjoy it with your own two eyes.