MOTA Smartring: the true One Ring

The MOTA smartring won’t make you invisible like Tolkien’s One Ring, but will really put the internet on your fingers, and nowadays, that’s just as useful.

mota smartring

Because pulling your phone out in the middle of a meeting might be considered rude but sometimes you just need to stay in touch with someone or on top of something, here comes the MOTA SmartRing. Sure, it does what almost every other smart-gadget does thanks to its app functionalities and its BlueTooth 4.0 connection to any smartphone, but the fact that it’s so small, discreet, and literally at your fingertips whenever you need it makes it a gadget worth considering for those who are in need of an elegant but reliable way of staying connected 24/7, in any context.

The MOTA SmartRing was designed to cut everything superfluous from your smart experience, and display only what you so choose: Twitter mentions, FB updates, or any other social media interaction can be further filtered, so only the few you personally choose are displayed. Also, the ring’s display will let you know who’s calling or texting before you even pull out your phone.

The project was being crowdfunded at Indie Gogo where it surpassed the goal already with almost a whole week to go still, so you can be sure we’ll be seeing more of the MOTA Smartring in the future. Who knows, maybe this is the next smartwatch after all.

Via Indie Gogo

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