Microsoft Launches Office 2016, Unleashes Productivity

Redmond accompanies each new version of its operating system with an updated office suite, and Office 2016 seems to be the perfect companion for Windows 10.

Microsoft seems to be the only one that understands how important it is to make your products available on more than just your own platform. This stands not only for its hardware, but also for some of its software, as Office 2016 can be used on Windows PCs, Android mobile devices, and even on Mac computers.

The new Office 2016 focuses on collaboration and working in the cloud, but also integrates such services as Skype for Business, Delve, Yammer, and Sway. Since users no longer have to switch between windows to access various work-related apps, Microsoft helps them save time and increase productivity.

Office 2016 UK product manager Rich Ellis explained that the new office suite will be available in several different flavors that can be interconnected:

“It’s important to give people choice. Some people want the features you get in a native client, others want the flexibility of the cloud. Many like to use the two in combination. So we see a future for both products. Office 2016 works best when the cloud features are behind it too.

You can still buy the standalone product, you don’t have to have a subscription, though we do believe a subscription offers the best value. Collaboration is not just limited to within businesses. Even if you’re a sole trader you can collaborate with clients and customers using the advanced features in Office 2016.

Our recommendation is always to get the Office 365 subscription as it is always up to date, you can install on multiple devices, and get 1TB of OneDrive storage. Pricing for Office 365 For Home and Office 365 For Business won’t change. The pricing for the Office 2016 perpetual license is forthcoming.”

Office 2016 represents a great office suite not only for the ones who are familiar with Microsoft’s products, but also for new-comers. The Tell Me feature enables users to skip the Help documentation and tell Office apps exactly the feature they are looking for.

The trial version that could be installed prior to the suite’s official launch will continue to work until it expires. After that, users will have to buy Office 2016 or look to any of its less-attractive alternatives.

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