Tagloo, an alternative to Google Photos and Facebook Moments

Tagloo is a Spanish start-up that began its activity in late 2014, and recently released their photography app to become an alternative to Google Photos and Facebook Moments.


The Tagloo team made some of the main features in the app very well known, as its unique tagging system where we can see the many pictures in our cellphone, organized, tagged and filtered in any way we so desire – these aren’t photo albums, but unlimited tags that allow users to organize the pictures in a personalized, non-automatic way. For example, friends, sunsets, travel, or any other tag anyone can think of. Another nice feature is its sharing system, which might be one of the easiest systems ever created whren it comes to usability. With Tagloo, as soon as someone tags someone else, both users will have the picture on their accounts, which they can in turn share in different groups  each. Tagloo is trying to recreate the photo album concept from the point of view that this app is solving its most basic issue: finding specific pictures, no matter the system, can be quite complicated but now we can find and share with an easy system.

The Tagloo team claim that they “don’t fight for space in the cloud. Our service is not meant to just store pictures away, it’s so much more than that”


Tagloo saves the pictures on a private cloud so they don’t affect the smartphone’s memory, and in case the phone either breaks, gets stolen or lost, the pictures are safe thanks to its account system. This app is completely free for the first 3 gigabytes, and can be used with any gadget running on iOS 8, although they have confirmed they are working on bringing this unique app to Android devices all over the world.

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