Talking Urinal Cake Reminds Drunks to Hire a Cab

The worst thing to do after getting drunk is to get on the driver’s seat and drive. Not only would you put yours and your passengers’ lives at risk but will also put others lives’ at risk as well.

With that in mind, here is a funny Talking Urinal Cake that warns drunk men to call a cab or get someone sober to drive them home instead of driving themselves back home. Michigan State Police sent the Talking Urinal Cakes to 200 bars and restaurants. When activated by a stream, the urinal cake begins to say things like this:

“Hey there big guy! Having a few drinks? Then listen up! Think you’ve had one too many? Then it’s time to call a cab or a sober friend for a ride home. It sure is safer and a hell of a lot cheaper than a DWI. Make the smart choice tonight, don’t drink and drive. Remember, your future is in your hand.”

Most drunk people do not really care whether or not their urinal cake is talking to them, and even if they did notice that, they might just ignore it. These cakes may at best try and remind those who are still slightly drunk to get someone to drive them home. You can see how men lose control over their limbs in this video, where a man tries to wear his pants when drunk.