Tanooki Tonic By Mel the Office Gamer Girl

Don’t let the opportunity to make this splendid Super Mario Bros.-inspired drink fly by.

Tanooki Tonic image

The autumn season plays out quite differently down in the south than it does up north in these United States, climate wise. In that, it doesn’t feel like summer is over at all. Right now it’s a sunny, humid 86 degrees from my Texas seat and no relief by a passing rainstorm or coldfront in sight.  

Yes sir, it’s the kind of warm weather that after spending a long day in which could be relieved with a cool, delightful drink. But wait! What about a cool, delightful drink with a flashy gaming twist? Ahh, now that must really hit the spot, and thankfully, such a refreshing concoction exists.

Here we have the Tanooki Tonic, a sweet and rather orange-looking alcoholic beverage influenced by one the best power-ups in Super Mario Bros. lore, the raccoon-tailed, “no one knows why it’s useful to turn into a statue” Tanooki suit. It even looks like a racoon’s tail, too!

Blended in a well-structured parfait, the drink is creamy combination of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Brandy. Sugary? Quite so. But don’t be caught off guard as the drink’s creator mentions, like the raccoon-ish trickster it’s named for, it’s also deceiving. Of course, you’ll have to make the Tanooki Tonic yourself to find out why, and right below is the recipe in question to do so.

Tanooki Tonic

1 part Kahlua
1 part Baileys Irish Creme
1 part Brandy

Directions: Chill ingredients and layer in a tall glass. Kahlua first, then Baileys, then brandy. Serve.

Big thanks to Mel the Office Gamer Girl for devising this cute cocktail, and as always because of its alcoholic nature, please drink responsibly. Also, please browse the web responsibly by sticking with Walyou, where we’ve got a fantastic Game of Thrones cake and a Bobba Fett custom-made chopper that will make you smile.